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We got everything that you need !

Create your perfect GitHub Profile ReadMe in the best possible way. Lots of features and tools included, all for free !

Lightening fast Profile Creation

Create your Profile ReadMe in just few clicks ! On an average, it takes less than one minute to create a perfect Profile ReadMe using GPRM

Add all Social Links

We have added an option to add your Social Links to increase your reach and promote your works at one place.

Flex Your GitHub Stats

Be Honest, everyone loves to flex their achievements. With tools such as ReadMe Stats, Most Used Languages, Streak Stats you can show your achievements.

Show Your Tech Stack

Select from over 300+ tech options and show your tech stack to everyone, Let them know what makes you awesome.

Visitor Counter

With the use of Visitors Counter you can see how many people viewed your profile, this gives you an idea about how popular you are on GitHub.

Let people help you with Donations

No matter what your aim is, money is required at some point to boost the process for getting closer to your aim. We give you an option to add Donation Links directly into your profile so that people can help you by donating.

Fun Components

If fun is required everywhere, how can it be missing from your profile ? Now, You can cheer up other people by adding Random Memes and Quotes in your profile.

GitHub Trophies

Got any trophies/medals but oops! how can you show them on your profile? Don't worry, GitHub Trophies are the virtual trophies for you. Showcase them by adding it to your profile.

Our Social Links

We are available on X, LinkedIn, and GitHub. You can connect with us to get notification about any new feature we add, any cool product we create or get early access of some cool projects !

We're Open Source

Yes you heard right, this website is open source and you can find code of this website on GitHub. You can request a feature, contribute to project by adding feedbacks and mentioning bugs if they exist. Licensed under GPL-3.0 ©VishwaGauravIn

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Frequently-asked questions

Do I need to fill all sections ?

Not at all, only GitHub username is mandatory, all the other sections are optional. It's all your choice, you can fill them depending on your requirement, you have all the options for customisation.

Do I need to know Markdown or HTML for using this website?

This is a complete No-Code solution so you don't need any coding experience. You just have to fill sections and we will create a perfect GitHub Profile ReadMe for you for free! Sounds cool? Try now!

How to change GitHub ReadMe?

If you already have your personal repository (personal repository name is same as your GitHub username) then you can copy paste the code generated from GPRM in your ReadMe file. If you don't have your personal repository then follow this :
Step 1 : Go to https://github.com/new and enter the same name as your GitHub username into the Repository name field.
Step 2 : Leave the repo as a Public repo (by default).
Step 3 : Also, make sure to initialize it with a README to get started.
Step 4 : Paste the code generated from this website inside your ReadMe file.
Step 5 : Commit the changes to add a ReadMe to your GitHub Account.


We believe in giving credit where it's due. To all the OG creators, we see you and #thank you for creating these awesome tools!

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Random Memes

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GitHub Profile Trophies

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